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Carbol-AGRO Supports Crop Vigor, Strength, Yield, Health and Amazing Growth!

Carbol-AGRO supports soil improvement, robust root systems, organic matter build in soil, plant vigor, and plant water holding capacity. This is achieved by supporting the plants’ ability to uptake nutrients and water through the interaction of carbon, humic acid, fulvic acid, nitrogen fixating biology and beneficial fungal populations that holds nutrients in the root zone, bonds macro and micro elements and supports the efficacy of pesticides and fungicides. Applying Carbol-AGRO supports improved soil conditions, increased yield, strengthened vigor, better root systems, reduced transplant shock, and increased environmental stress tolerance.

Carbol-AGRO promotes nutrients uptake and enhances yield to agriculture improving soil conditions and increasing the robustness of root systems, the plant health and its water holding capacity.

Carbol-AGRO focuses its natural components to support the vigor, health and robustness of the plants and root systems to maximize its performance and its capacity to uptake and process nutrients, intake and hold available water, and resist attacks from disease and pests.

Our Carbol-AGRO brand was created leveraging over 20 years of successful applications of the base product in Row Crops, Trees, Vegetables, Fruits, Citrus, Turf, and Specialty Crops. Today it is reaching Vineyards, Hemp and Cannabis farms.