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Carbol SLW, One Landfill or Waste Facility Odor Solution That Works!

Improve the Environment Now with Carbol – SLW.

Stop landfill odors now and make the environment a priority!  Litigation, complaints, reduced compliance, decreased property values, adverse health effects and neighbors’ anxiety.  All these issues can be effectively addressed by utilizing this unique, organic, and cost-effective solution provided by Carbol Products Company. This solution has been used successfully on landfills for many years.  Eliminate hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other odors on contact with this simple liquid application.

Landfill odors controlled with Carbol – SLW.  Effective elimination of landfill odors through a non-hazardous organic product now available through Carbol Products Company.  Carbol – SLW works on contact to remediate landfill odors and contributes to the health and safety of people near landfills. Landfill operators and people living near landfills can count on Carbol – SLW to be an environmentally safe, organic, and cost-effective solution to landfill odors.  

Carbol – SLW (Solid and Liquid Waste) works on contact with hydrogen sulfide and other odor causing chemicals.  Carbol – SLW is a unique, easily applied, Carbon based organic product that is applied in liquid form.  It is mixed in a 1:100 ratio with water and applied through spraying on landfill waste.

Carbol Products Company provides Carbol – SLW not only to landfills but to other environments where hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and mercaptans produce hazardous odors.  The product has been used successfully in waste treatment plants, paper mills, restaurant septic systems, septic tanks, portable toilets, RV holding tanks, factories, sewers, etc.  Carbol – SLW also help reduce corrosion caused by H2S.

Wastewater and waste retention ponds have also been successfully treated.  Carbol – SLW is used in cleaning waste containers to provide odor control.  The cost effectiveness of Carbol – SLW supports utilization in environments where there is a large volume of application required.  Because Carbol – SLW is an organic product it poses no hazard to workers applying the product.

H2S has a characteristic rotten egg smell which can be detected at very low levels.  Repeated exposure to higher levels of H2S can cause adverse health effects on humans.

Carbol Products Company produces two specific products to remediate hydrogen sulfide and other associated chemicals.  Carbol – SLW (Solid and Liquid Waste) and Carbol – FAW (Farm and Animal Waste).  Farm and animal waste are impacted by the same adverse chemicals and Carbol – FAW is effective in waste treatment in the dairy, cattle, poultry, hogs, and other livestock environments. 

Carbol Products active ingredients include a natural Carbon rich humate, humic and fulvic acids, lignin, and natural biology.  Carbol Products Company is leveraging years of experience and numerous successful applications by the raw material manufacturer to provide a product line that brings the value of this unique, High Carbon, natural and environmentally friendly material to targeted business sectors.

Carbol – SLW Benefits:

  • Rapid odor control reaction.  Results obtained on contact or within a few hours.
  • Controls the release of hydrogen sulfide and related corrosion.
  • Increases degradation of organic solids, reduces BOD, CBOD and TSS.
  • Organic, safe product and no negative impact on the environment.

The Core Components of Carbol SLW:

Carbol – SLW combines active organic matter from humic and fulvic acids, humates, lignin, and beneficial bacteria working to remediate and absorb odorous and pollutant molecules in solid and liquid waste. Carbol Products are naturally occurring, biologically active, non-toxic, environmentally benign, Carbon based materials harvested from the highest fixed Carbon humus deposit in the world. They contain ancient organic matter with indigenous biology, high in marine carbon and a natural diverse population of beneficial, non-disease-causing microbiology. 

The core Carbon based structure in Carbol Products can absorb approximately 1,000 times its own mass in pollutant compounds with an active cation exchange capacity of 600 to 1400 moles per pound.

Carbol Products uses a patented cold-water extraction manufacturing process ensuring immediate reaction on application. Only active Carbon product that contains live bacteria, humic and fulvic acid, organic matter, and nutrients.

How Does Carbol – SLW Work?

The key mechanism at work in Carbol Products is the absorption of odorous and pollutant molecules. Active sites function as a macromolecular sponge, adsorbing and binding odorous and reacted compounds thus neutralizing them. Carbol Products capture pollutants as chemically bonded, cross-linked polymers that become inaccessible for microorganisms to hydrolyze, blocking sulfate reactions, and eliminating odorous reactions and gaseous production.

Carbol Products remarkably control H2S; It is liquid Carbon that absorbs H2S, eliminating its release and related corrosion. It breaks the H2S bond converting sulfide into sulfate, chemically bonding it to the lignin molecule. Through highly “reactive lignins”, with multiple Carbon and oxygen open bonding sites, Carbol Products can absorb approximately 1,000 times their own mass in potential gaseous, odorous and pollutant compounds. Carbol Products absorb odorous and polluting compounds through a complexed lignin reactive surface structure estimated at 900,000 m2/kg. with an enormous negative cation exchange capacity of 1,500 to 3,000 moles/kg. Carbol Products work through natural polymerization improving solids settling in wastewater or municipal collections systems, increasing degradation of organic solids reducing Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Total Suspended Solids. 

The humates organic matter in Carbol Products enhance the remediation of surface soil contaminated with crude oil through the combined processes of hydrocarbon sorption and enhanced biodegradation. The active organic matter and reactive lignin molecules in Carbol Products work to create multifunctional destressing capabilities that remediate, detoxify, and boost resident biology in BTEX, GRO, DRO & TPH contaminated water.

Carbol Products have binding detoxicants that reduce the bioavailability and ecotoxicity of inorganic and organic contaminants and flushing agents that mobilize contaminants tightly bound to mineral particles in aquifers. The biochemically active natural components of Carbol Products enhance conditions in receiving waterways, captures odorous gaseous reactions and interrupts subsequent corrosive byproducts.

Carbol Products stimulate indigenous biological activity, increasing solids degradation and higher yields of clear water decanting in aerobic and anaerobic environments. The natural micro- and macro-nutrients indigenous biology in Carbol Products stimulates and supports naturally resident biology already in the water to facilitate and accelerate the clarification of the water column and soils. The organic matter present in Carbol Products enhances and accelerates biological activity in the remediation of distressed and or polluted environments such as sensitive water estuaries.

Control your facility’s odors now!

Use Carbol – SLW, eliminate solid and liquid waste odors today!

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Significantly reduces or eliminates hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and ammonia compounds controlling odors in landfills, wastewaters, septic tanks, anaerobic digesters, and RV holding tanks.

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